Welcome Sunday Age readers…

…yes, you’re in the right place!

Thanks for coming through to have a look at The Off Grid Solar House.  This is a fairly new blog and I’m interesting in finding out what you’d like to know.  So please leave a comment below and I’ll look into your story ideas.

But….if you haven’t read the piece, you can do so here.

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16 thoughts on “Welcome Sunday Age readers…

  1. Well, that’s where I’ve come from alright. You won’t get those sorts of articles in a Murdoch paper! I put on grid-connected solar 9 months ago and loving it, but looking wistfully at going off grid. Will enjoy reading your blog, for sure.

    • Thanks for popping through! Congrats on the grid connect, some posts about simple PV panel maintenance are in the pipeline. We’re having an open day on 14th September as part of the Geelong Sustainability Group Open House day, so come along to see how the whole system works if you’re free (will post more details as they come). Are you in suburban Melbourne? Am thinking I need a how-to guide to setting up small off-grid systems for people in denser areas?

      • Yes, I’m in suburban Melbourne…south-east…and would love a how-to guide for setting up suburban off-grid systems.

        Would love to come to your open house day….but Little River is the other side of the world to me. Will give it some thought though.

  2. Thanks for your article. I especially loved the part about phone calls from power providers. We’ve been off grid for 16+ years. I’ve been told by the phone operators ‘that’s not possible, you have to be connected (to the grid)’!!! Good luck to you and your family.

  3. Brilliant article Emma. Bet the blog went crazy after it was published!

    Would love to invite you as a guest on The Greening of Gavin podcast some time this week. I will shoot you an email to confirm.


    • Love to! And yes, lots of lovely off-grid (and off-grid hopefuls) stories being shared at the moment 🙂 Thank you for not pointing out that I said in the article I got 22kWh per hour per day, instead of just per day. Could probably power all of Werribee with that amount 🙂 Would love to also do a post on your off-grid system – I think you said you use it to run power tools?

  4. we went off grid 12/05/14 a 5kw system with gel batteries .our panels are ground mounted and through the winter months get shaded 11 to1 (very handy) but the batteries are usually full or near full
    by then .even with overcast weather or heavy fog there has only been 3days that it did not recharge fully but not to the extent we needed to externally charge with generator .After 3 months more than happy with our decision to go off grid just wish the technology was available 30 years ago ,just sad that the excess power can’t be diverted to local hospital or schools

  5. What Rude Record appreciated about The Age article was that it was the first time we had read about off-the-grid solar energy in such a succinct and practical way. Also the reassurance to others that ‘it was not for everyone’. We would like to do a blog post and link to your blog if that’s okay? We look forward to following your journey.

    Karen and Danny Ellis
    Twitter at Rude Record

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