Open day this Sunday

We’re opening the doors of The Off Grid Solar House this Sunday 14th September for the national Sustainable House Day.  Don’t come any earlier than 10am as I may still be in my PJs.  Chuck out is at 4pm.  In the middle you can meet moi, Phil Hapgood from Radiant Energy and some other lovely volunteers who are helping me wrangle the hoards of people desperate to get a glimpse at the lifestyles of the off-grid and famous (although it’s only my kelpie who jumps up and down with excitement when I wear my sunglasses at night).  Actually, it’ll be more like a handful of peeps who make the trek out to say a relaxed g’day.

So, all welcome.  According to my insurer, I’m not allowed to provide a cuppa to ‘members of the public’, but if you promise not to sue me for minor burns sustained from a hot English Breakfast we should be OK.  Our battery bank, panels and living areas will be open for inspection, but not the bedrooms, as I can’t be bothered picking up all the dirty clothes from the floor.

And the address…20 Devines Road, Little River – about 30-40 minutes west of Melbourne on the Geelong road.  Apparently there will be some bali flags, but just look for the place that looks like this:


In addition, should you be so inclined, I’ll be giving a presentation about climate change at the GPAC (Geelong Performing Arts Centre) on Saturday 13th at 1pm with two of my Climate Reality Project colleagues.  We could probably do with extra audience members, so drop in if you have the time.

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Open day this Sunday

  1. Hi Emma, I will try and make it over in the afternoon. It will be a maybe, as we are having guests in the morning, I think. Danny will then head off to work. I may just want to get into my just scored onesie PJs from the point of landfill and chill. Should I come I will definitely let you know it’s me Rude.

    Are you thinking of videoing your talk this Saturday? I hope you do and post it on your blog.

  2. Aaaargh!! only 2 years too late, but seeing as the 14th of September is rolling around again, you wouldn’t be opening up the house again this year would you?
    So keen to do this in Melbourne and have so many questions.
    Would be great to come and see your house in action

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