Four seasons in one day

Stormy sky against a sunny paddock

Stormy sky against a sunny paddock

I remember when I was a child growing up in England, my parents took us to Butlin’s Holiday Camp (do they still have those?) and my sister entering the fancy dress competition; dressed in her cossie, a pair of gumboots, a sun hat and carrying an umbrella, she took first prize as “English Summer Time”.

And so it is in Melbourne.  The weather here can be kind of unpredictable.  Just yesterday, my daughter and I slathered on suncream to go and pot some tree seedlings and today we woke to sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning over the You Yangs.  (I deserve extra points this week for getting out of bed even though it’s Monday and the sound of rain on a tin roof is the best staying-in-bed noise known to humankind.)

For the first time in months, today was the first day when the solar system didn’t float (hit 100% state of charge in the battery bank).  The lowest we got was to 97.1%, which wasn’t bad considering I was working from home, charging both the laptop and phone, had the TV going non-stop, did two loads of washing and cleaned out the fridge.

A burst of sunshine around 4pm for around an hour boosted us back up to 99.2%, but as the sun was then moving away from the panels, that was the highest we reached.

Floating the batteries is not imperative for a longer battery life span, so there’s certainly no harm done.  And, given it’s Melbourne, I’m sure it’ll be a stinker tomorrow!


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