Battery storage costs drop

Just like all technology, once you get your energy storage out of the shop and installed in your home, a younger, cheaper and better looking model comes along.

So it is with Elon Musk (where were you three year ago when I was building!) and his Telsa Powerwall.  As always, the excellent Renew Economy has the goss (a little tech heavy, but otherwise easy to follow) about how its already revolutionising the energy storage market.

We knew when we installed our $35k lead acid battery bank it would be outdated eventually and it’s kind of good (as well as kind of annoying!) to see it happen so quickly.

Read it here.

5 thoughts on “Battery storage costs drop

  1. I understand your annoyance but you have been a leader and helped people begin to THINK we could have a cleaner self-sufficient productive home base that contributes to the changes we need and motivates others to commit to developing a more sustainable World that is currently living well beyond its finite resource base and the environment’s capacity to absorb the impacts of pollution. I only wish there were many more like you.

    Brent McKenna Twitter@BrentJMcKenna

    Sent from my hand held cyber space pad


    • You won’t have to wait long…and yes, at the rate costs are dropping it’ll be a bargain. It’ll be great to get these systems into the mainstream. Ampetus now have an Australian presence and are a great battery, maybe worth checking out (I think they’re in St Kilda if you’re Melbourne based).

      • Southern Highlands NSW. We have been watching and following. I am sure it won’t be long before our solar power will be stored on site (instead of going into the grid). ☺

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