Is Tesla ‘all that’?

So, as we all know, climate talks are happening in Paris and anyone with a stake is there.


Tesla S. Cue extended wolf whistle.

Including Elon Musk.  The guy is kind of like Robert Downey Jrs character Iron Man in the Avenger series – very brainy and with lots of cool hardware.  While the details of the Powerwall and it’s emergence onto the precious Australian market are still a little sketchy, the electric vehicles he’s producing have met rave reviews, even from notorious dinosaur-loving PM Malc.

While important leaders are meeting in important places, Mr Musk headed over to the Sorbonne University to give his ideas on carbon pricing and other things to a rapt audience.  I dunno about you, but is it too late to get him to run for US presidential candidacy?  Hey, he can’t do any worse than Chump Trump.

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