Homewares with your solar?

This is exciting.  Famous for being the store that you enter to just pick up a tea towel, but leave with a trolley loaded with photographic prints, pot plants, curtains, bedspread and a weirdly shaped watering can (well, I do anyway) is aiming for 100% renewable energy by 2020.

ikea-solar-panelYep, those Swedish flatpack design geniuses aren’t just great at wringing space out of a shoebox-sized flat, Ikea is also putting it’s money where it’s mouth is.  How much is anyone’s guess, but I’d say it’s a motza.

It recently announced it would install 3.9MW of rooftop solar across it’s east coast Australian stores.  Yes, that’s MEGAWATTS.

The news is quite a big deal for Australia’s commercial solar sector, which has so far failed to thrive, stifled by a federal and state policy dog’s breakfast that has created unnecessary complexity and distorted the market.”  Read the full article here.

The work is being done by Kingspan Energy, originally an Irish company founded in the 1960’s which now provides renewable energy to some of the worlds major companies.  Kudos to them.

All I can say is I hope Abbott & Hockey are paying attention next time they nip in to their local store for meatballs with chips, fray and cranberry sauce.

Update – IKEA are also planning to sell solar panels from their UK stores.  That’s going to make that trolley load even bigger…