Open house…

Because we live on the border of two Council areas (Geelong and Wyndham) we get asked by both to open up for their respective sustainability events.

Which is fine, because it means we get to meet twice as many great people who are interested in off-gridding and creating more sustainable homes.

So, if you’re in Melbourne or surrounds and would like to pop by, please do so. All the details are here (this is a Wyndham event) and there’s no need to book.

The kettle will be on from 10am and, if you’re so inclined, donations of succulent cuttings for the garden are always appreciated.

Baby it’s cold outside

Early afternoon sunshine on the panels

Early afternoon sunshine on the panels

Down to 5 degrees in fact, with a strong cold wind whipping through the open flat fields of Little River and trying to squeeze it’s way through the gaps in the windows.  The kids and I are home today because we all have throats as scratchy as the bottom of a budgie cage.  Plus, it’s nice to be home with the fires going with no need to go out into the rain, wind and traffic.

It’s been overcast all day, with intermittent rain.  By midday the battery bank was still around the 97% mark, up from 94.4% first thing this morning.  By 2pm we had about half an hour of sun, before the hail started at 3pm.  Yup, Melbourne truly is the ‘four seasons in one day’ kind of city everyone says it is.

Anyway, it’s now just after 3pm and the battery bank has floated (aka hit 100% power).  This despite the weather, one teenager playing x-box on the TV, me with the washing machine, fireplace fan, microwave and kettle going at regular intervals.  Oh and the other teenager plugged into three power points with various computers and screens.

Hail on the driveway an hour later

Hail on the driveway an hour later

Winter sun

Although we were a little power-hungry last night (TV, microwave, four laptops charging, two loads of washing and the fireplace fan going full blast) the watery wintery Melbourne sun has keep the off-grid system batteries pretty happy.  Long may it continue.

By 11am this morning, this was the view from our block.

photo (4)

About half an hour later this was the battery reading…up from 95.6% when we woke up at 8.30am.

photo (5)

Of course, this means I’ve got no excuses for not tackling the washing / ironing / writing / cooking.  Groan!