Climate Reality

I’ve kept this page separate to the main blog because I don’t want the two issues confused – off-grid living and climate action.

Sure, part of the reason we went off-grid was to do our bit for planet Earth and our kids.  Same reason we chose a gravity-fed worm septic system and plant drought resistant plants etc.

However, I want our off-grid adventures to be considered by people from an economic and lifestyle viewpoint.  While it’s not financially viable for those in built-up areas to install such a system, it certainly makes sense for people like us on acreage.  And, as I keep saying, the point of this blog is to share the message that off-gridding does not mean compromising your lifestyle.

Having said all that, I’m also proud to be a greenie.  I know what you’re thinking – dreadlocks, tie-dye t-shirts and a vague unwashed smell.  Nah ah.

I was fortunate to be chosen as a Climate Reality leader with the Climate Reality Project led by Al Gore, former US Vice-President and Nobel Laureate for his movie An Inconvenient Truth.  Training was in June 2014 and all 525 of us from all over the world (only one guy with dreads) had access to some of the world’s leading scientists and authorities on climate change.

As such, I give presentations about climate change.  Such as at the Geelong Sustainability Festival recently (if you listen to the MP3 download, please excuse all my coughing, wasn’t very healthy that day!).

The presentation isn’t a shove-it-down-your-throat, believe-me-me-me kind of thing.  It’s about sharing information and facts that are all sourced.  If I get people to think about climate change after a presentation, I’m happy.

If you’d like to organise a Climate Reality presentation in western Melbourne or Geelong, you can email me or book one via the Climate Reality website.


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