John and Phil from Radiant Energy installed our off grid PV solar system.  They also do composting toilets, wind power and solar hot water.

Gavin Webber is a suburban greenie guru who breeds his own chooks, grows his own veg & has set up his own small off-grid PV solar system.

Strictly speaking I’m on the wrong side of the actual Little River to be in Geelong, but only just.  The Geelong Sustainability Group are an awesome bunch of people dedicated to all things nice for the planet.  They also run the Sustainable House Open Day which we’re taking part in.

Little Eco Footprints is a lovely blog about an Australian family living better with less.

Rabid Little Hippie lives just down the road & is chockers full of stories about practical but frugal living.

Love the name of the Rude Record blog.  Another proud ‘westie’ who retired at 50 thanks to upcycling.

The Alternative Technology Association has great information about sustainable choices.

RenewEconomy is the go-to site for anything clean energy news and analysis.

Shrink that Footprint – living more with less carbon.


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Emma, you should add ReNew and the ATA to your links.
    ReNew is an excellent mag and ATA give excellent tech advice.

  2. Emma, thank you for linking your followers to Rude Record which is our blog about the joys of frugal living. We share snippets of our lifestyle which is based on simple living principles from a modern day perspective. In other words we are practical souls that do our best not to get suckered into consumerism. We are not cheap but we are frugal, that is we spend our money wisely. This lifestyle has enabled me to retire young, and my husband Danny to transition to retirement working 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off.

    We look forward to following your off-the-grid journey and think what you are doing is right up our alley aptly titled Beat the Man.

    Karen and Danny Ellis
    Twitter at Rude Record

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